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Auguste Ring


This piece is one of one. 

A piece forever yours, and only yours.

This style is ready to ship, ships within 1 week. 

100% Recycled Sterling Silver
Size:  7


The Auguste Ring was born from pure curiosity and exploration. Named after the founder of modern sculpture, Auguste Rodin.

While his great works are an inspiration to many, what struck me about his work was his traditionalism throughout his process. He utilized his traditional talent to create some of the most classical pieces of art in a brutal and untraditional style. There is nothing delicate about his work. His sculptures, with rough surfaces and unfinished texture, brought out the humanistic energy that can be so often missed in sculpture.

When I sat down to create this ring, I didn't intend to make a ring at all. In fact, the purpose was to capture an emotion I couldn't quite put into words. The Auguste Ring was designed with the beautifully unique in mind. Molded to follow the lines of ones finger, and comfortably compliment each curve. A deep blue purple patina has been delicately applied to the curves and corners of the ring. Intended to bring to light the beauty of the organic shape.    


 - Jacqueline is the sole designer and maker of every piece. As there is only one of us creating, we appreciate your patience. Most styles will be completed in 2-3 weeks. We appreciate you and will be in touch throughout the process. -  Some styles are made in small batches. If those styles ever sell out, we restock pieces monthly. Email us if you have any additional questions. -