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Jacqueline Garrity is an abstract metalsmith and sculpture artist. Jacqueline has created her entire jewelry collection in sterling silver. Sterling is a favorite of Jacqueline's for many reasons, the most important being, sterling silver is actually the only metal that you can 100% recycle. 

Jacqueline’s journey as an artist really gained momentum when she specialized in jewelry design and fabrication at the Savannah College of Art and Design. 

In 2013 Jacqueline jumped on the opportunity to engross herself into a completely new culture when she decided to study abroad in Hong Kong. It also afforded her the opportunity to work for a corporate company for the first time, niin (a female founded company started by Chinese-Australian born Jeanine Hsu). Jacqueline ended up winning first place at the niin Style x SCAD jewelry competition. The project was to create an entire collection inspired by the brands signature style (using natural elements in their design).  Jacqueline designed an entire collection of jewelry and accessories using wood and abalone shell.

Upon graduating Jacqueline’s thesis (titled VI) was shown in April 2015 at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C.  The thesis was a collection of garments and jewelry created from chain, leather, and metal. The collection was inspired by the chains that have traditionally bound women in society and the barriers that women have broken. The strength, determination and fierce nature of the unstoppable woman was the force that fueled the collection. 

Following college Jacqueline wanted to gain knowledge of the industry on a larger scale which landed her at Coach.  During her four years at Coach, Jacqueline worked her way up to Design Associate for jewelry. She managed and designed women’s retail jewelry and also designed both women's and men’s runway pieces (Jacqueline worked 16 runway shows during her time at Coach).

After four years working for a major design label and seeing the design process from conception to final product; Jacqueline decided the time had come to create her own jewelry line. Because, at the core, Jacqueline is an artist. And as an artist there is the consistent burning desire to create. Jacqueline’s work is an evolution and extension of who she is as an artist. Her designs are made with intention, while she sculpts with form and body in mind.


Jewelry for the soul.


Art for the Divine.


Sculpture for the heart.


Always a little strange but never without intrigue or allure.