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Jacqueline is an abstract metalsmith and artist specializing in sterling silver. By using the process of lost wax casting along with traditional fabrication, her work is an evolution and extension of who she is as an artist. Her designs are made with intention while she sculpts with form, movement, and body in mind. 


Jacqueline leans into a free-form approach from concept, to design, to carving, to casting, to fabrication and finishing. As someone who finds inspiration in books, film, travel, nature, dance, and a variety of other art mediums, it's hard to pinpoint exactly what inspires her. A majority of her work consists of one of a kind pieces. Each one is created to stand alone, while still being cohesive with her total body of work. Her style is a marriage between abstract and brutalist art, as it tends to be organic with a touch of severity and bold sculptural identity. Jewelry for the soul. Art for the Divine. Sculpture for the heart. Always a little strange but never without intrigue or allure.