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Pre-Order Breakdown

Intentional Production

Pre-Order allows us to be intentional with our production. This process not only ensures you get what you want, but it also brings us closer to being sustainable on a small scale.    

What does that mean? 

 Instead of producing in quantities either too small or too large, we let you decide. Based on your orders, that's how many we make. Utilizing this process let's us be intentional with our production and avoid over producing and adding more waste.

But more importantly, as stated above...

Pre- Order ensures you get exactly what you desired.


Going forward, our Pre-Order windows will be announced a week in advance and will span for about 3 weeks.

Once the Pre-Order window is closed we will get to working on all your orders.  

Turnaround time will depend on the amount of orders we get, but at most it will be around 4 weeks. We will be in touch throughout the process so you never miss a beat and don't have to worry about your order.    

We will ship based on a first come, first serve basis.     

When your order is all set and ready to ship, we will reach out with shipping and tracking information